01 October 2007

London Airport - How Quaint!

I recently came across an edition of Visitor's London by Harold F. Hutchison and published by London Transport in 1955. In the light of the progress being made with Heathrow's Terminal Five, I was amused by this entry:

"London Airport is about 14 miles from the West End on the south of the Bath Road. It will not be fully completed for several years, but it is already an impressive and fascinating sight. There is a public enclosure where the visitor is given a running commentary on departures and arrivals, and the children have such additional amusements as pony rides, a miniature railway, and sandpits. Conducted tours of the airfield and short flights are arranged. London Airport displays the world's latest aircraft flying to and from every continent."

I doubt that the author had in mind quite so many years before completion! And what of the sandpits?