15 July 2011

A walk around the Neighbourhood

A lovely sunny morning prompted a leisurely walk around my local neighbourhood with my camera at the ready. Starting off at Greenland Dock, with the brightly coloured sails of the dinghys from the sailing centre and the impressive masts of the barge.

Then on past the delightful Ship and Whale pub with its colourful walled beer garden at the back. The walking tour almost stopped there, but it was a bit early, even for me.

Just a short walk from the pub along the Thames Path is the Surrey Docks Farm. A hive of activity with parents clearly choosing a good way to keep the children amused. On the river path is a collection of animal statues, and inside are the real thing. I was particularly taken with the Anglo-Nubian kids which reminded me of the ones we used to keep at home many years ago.

And then a real  treat when I noticed the superb sunflowers, shrub roses and hollyhocks in the farm's garden.

Then on around the river which was at low tide and revealing a sad end to some bikes.

The last river stop was the Hilton hotel and its heron wading in the pool, and a good view across to Canary Wharf.

Turning inland to make my way towards Stave Hill, I passed through a derelict area presumably destined for some more housing, and with an old building that must pre-date virtually everything else in the area.

A peaceful corner of Russia Dock Woodland could have kept me for hours, but I climbed to the top of Stave Hill for some great views across to the City and back to Canary Wharf.

Russia Dock Woodland itself is a haven of tranquility in the mornings (before the picnics and ball games) with some lovely mature trees.

The homeward stretch took me past the sculpture at the entrance to Greenland Dock, and the Wibbly Wobbly floating pub with its pontoon moored to the rear idea for a lazy after-lunch drink.

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