19 August 2020

Asparagus risotto

 I've been making risottos for many years, ever since enjoying a seafood risotto in a charming restaurant over looking a harbour in Sicily. However, lockdown gave me ample time to experiment with new flavours, and so I turned my attention to asparagus.

I wanted the rice to take on a green colour, so after researching countless recipes online, I opted for blanching trimmed and chopped stems, then plunging then into an ice bath to maintain the bright green colour. Next, I blended them into a purée to add towards the end of cooking the rice. The water from the blanching I used to make the chicken broth the rice is cooked in. The tips I cooked until just tender and threw them on top once the risotto was done.  The dish in the picture also included bacon pieces.

I usually use olive oil to soften the onions but this time I used butter, which together with adding the parmesan at the end, produced a wonderful creamy texture.

I'm confident that I can now add this to my repertoire, along with versions made with red wine and beetroot, cherry tomatoes and basil, mushrooms, and the seafood staple.