15 August 2015

Being an early adopter of digital photography was a big mistake

I have a big gap in my photography library and 'digital' is to blame! Whereas I have many pics taken with 'old fashioned' cameras since I was a child with a Brownie 127, and huge numbers taken in the last 10 years or so, I have very few of sufficient quality to share which were taken with early digital cameras (the ones I could afford!)

For several years I was taking photos with digital cameras that had pretty good optics but with really low resolution. These looked great on the 800 x 600 monitors of the day, but not really that great on a modern HD TV!

I should really have kept going with my film SLR until such time as the digital camera market could catch up, but then who wants to take two bulky cameras on holiday?

So I have visited some wonderful places and seen some beautiful sights but with little or no photographic record to speak of. Maybe that's the excuse I need to visit them all over again!

Lech, Austria - taken with my Canon SLR in the mid-80s